Inspiring Wolfe Den Athlete Stories

Introducing you to inspiring mums who make us proud to be training alongside them. Amongst the community of Wolfe Den CrossFit, are all types of women who never cease to surprise us by their dedication to training, family, work or just being incredible role models to their children. For those of our CrossFit athletes that are pregnant, hoping to become one day or trying again - whatever your story, the road back to CrossFit can be a wild roller-coaster but that's okay. It is daunting not knowing how your body will recover post birth, will you be breastfeeding or bottle feeding? How will you fit in training between sleeps and feeds, and the thought of skipping again... oh my! Many women hold tight their own challenges bringing life into this world however one thing is for certain that with the right support, time and patience you will be back - even fitter than once before.

CrossFit workout times may vary and weights maybe reduced but remember that your job whilst carrying or bringing a new baby into this world, is of that. The road post partum is never a straight line yet with the correct medical advice, great nutrition, supportive coaches and community and most of importantly...just being kind to yourself will without doubt have you back stronger and fitter than ever.

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