Back by popular demand, beginning this Sunday 29 August at 9:00am we will be offering online yoga classes via Zoom FREE for members. Every Sunday at 9am join us in a slow and gentle yoga session led by Yvonne from ‘Bliss By The Bay Yoga.’

Right in the comfort of your own home, these classes are incredibly beneficial for improving balance, strength and flexibility whilst setting time to relax and manage any stress you maybe experiencing.

We look forward to seeing you all on these classes! No matter where you are, take a moment for yourself leaving you feeling calm and ready for the week ahead. ❤


Team Wolfe Den 🐺

**Helpful questions! **

When does these classes begin?

The Wolfe Den CrossFit Yoga led by Yvonne from ‘Bliss By The Bay Yoga’ begin Sunday 29 August and will occur every Sunday at 9:00am via Zoom. Hoping once restrictions ease we can move this to be a weekly basis but inside the gym.

Is it free for Wolfe Den members?

Yes, it is. 😊

Do I need to book my spot?

Wolfe Den CrossFit athletes are encouraged to book their place in the Wolfe Den app but not essential. It just gives us a rough idea how many people will be on the call.

How do I access the Zoom link?

The Zoom are posted to SugarWod app, under ‘at home wods’ date Sunday 29 Aug

I am not a current member; can I still attend?

Yes anyone can attend! It is $10 per class for non members. Click here to book

How long will it go for?

1 hour

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