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Performance Coach

We know, everyone has their own “why” to training and it can vary from person-to-person. That is why, Wolfe Den CrossFit athletes are offered a free and dedicated coach that can give an individualised plan and the right support to achieve specific goals.

There are endless benefits to get crystal clear of your “why” and our Performance Coach, Zac Hare will be your support to get you there.

Why you need a performance coach?

• You may have hit a plateau with your training

• You want to make progress in a specific area – it could be specific to a lift, movement or skill

• You are battling a injury and want to continue to train

• You’re a Beginner CrossFitter and need additional support

• You need more accountability

• You have a specific training goal

• You may want to improve on a technique

• You maybe training for a specific sport or event

Reach out to us today to learn more about Performance coaching.


"I couldn’t recommend jumping on a strength/performance program with Zac if you’re feeling like you could use a little help with any CrossFit related movements whether it’s lifting, gymnastics etc.

I’ve been on a strength program with coach Zac for the past 24 weeks (2 x12 week programs) and my strength and results have been unbelievable. I been able to add 5-10kg+ on all my strength pieces both lifting and gymnastics based skills which is huge.

Zac’s programming is so simple and so effective, and doesn’t take away any extra time from my normal training schedule. As a result of this I’m going to continue to stay on Zac’s strength/performance programming and keep working through building strength and working on skills I feel I really struggle with." - Kristelle

"I’ve been doing CrossFit for 3 and half years and could never get a toes to bar. I started Zac's programming to work on this and butterfly pulls. I’ve done 12 weeks of programming 20 minutes 2x weekly and by week 6 I was able to complete this movement. Now I can easily do 10+ in a row and can keep up doing sets of 5 when I’m fatigued in a workout.

Overall I feel stronger in everything I’m doing since adding Zac's programming into my sessions! Correct programming!" - Heather

"Before the programming I could not overhead squat with an empty bar 8 weeks in and I am now not only o overhead squatting but achieving a full squat snatch. It has improve my mobility and posture dramatically." - Beau

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