New Wolfe Den Performance Coach!

We are very excited to share and warmly welcome Zac Hare to the Wolfe Den CrossFit Coaches group.
Natalie Rixon
August 1, 2022
New Wolfe Den Performance Coach!

We are very excited to share and warmly welcome Zac Hare to the Wolfe Den CrossFit Coaches group. Zac joins us part-time as the newly appointed Wolfe Den CrossFit Performance Coach.

What does this mean? As well as joining our coaches’ group, Zac will have the primary focus on your, our athlete’s performance. He will be your primary point of contact should you have specific goals you want to work towards and develop individualized plans to help you work towards your goals.

We know, everyone has their own “why” to training and it can vary from person-to-person. That is why we felt there was an incredible opportunity to introduce a dedicated coach that can give you an individualised plan and support to achieve your specific goals.  There are endless benefits to get crystal clear of your “why” and Zac will be your support to get you there.

You may consider reaching out to Zac if:

·       You may have hit a plateau with your training

·       You want to make progress in a specific area – it could be specific to a lift, movement or skill

·       You’re a Beginner CrossFitter and need additional support

·       You need more accountability

·       You have a specific training goal

·       You may want to improve on a technique

·       You maybe training for a specific sport or event

About Zac

Before finding CrossFit, Zac competed in Wushu (Acrobatic Martial Arts) for 10 years (2 of those years spent in China learning under their strength & conditioning coach), then returning to Australia and was then trained at The National Institute of Circus Arts to be cast in Cirque Du Soleil, using CrossFit as a strength and conditioning tool. 

Zac then joined a local CrossFit gym (CrossFit Freefall) which led him to being offered a coaching position there, ultimately playing a huge role in where he is today and endlessly grateful for. Zac then moved on to train at Reebok CrossFit Frankston in 2015 and was offered a coaching position. This is where he trained and coached up until February this year. During his coaching time at Frankston, Zac programmed for The Forte Method Strength & Accessory Program and found another personal passion – a passion to help people achieve their goals, by prescribing exercises to correct their weaknesses.


·       CrossFit Level 1 Coach

·       CF gymnastics

·       CF Strongman

·       Gymnastics Victoria Level 1 Coach

·       Certificate 3 + 4 in fitness

·       Completed the Outlaw Way Seminar

·       Dmirtry Klokov Weightlifting Seminar  

Zac will begin with us from this Wednesday 3 August and can be contacted via email on

Join us in welcoming Zac to the group! We hope this supports you all even further with your training.

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